Our Easter Offer – Reypenaer One Year and Reypenaer V.S.O.P


Our Easter Offer Special 2012 - Reypenaer One Year and Reypenaer VSOP - €14.95!

Our Reypenaer One Year Old Cheese
Colour: Yellow & light brown from the caramelized sugars.
Fragrance: Lightly sweet fragrance with hints of mushroom.
Taste: The intense taste is gently smooth and lingers in the mouth with a lightly nutty after taste with hints of vanilla.
This Aged Gouda is an ideal ‘aperitif’ cheese. The vanilla notes become more pronounced with a red Syrah wine.  Reypenaer One Year is perfect for enjoying as part of your Easter Sunday brunch with a dry Crémant or Champagne. Aided by the sparkling wine, the tastes of wood and nuts come to the fore and fill the mouth with aromas of herbs and a hint of vanilla.

The Reypenaer V.S.O.P Cheese
Colour: Brown as a result of the caramelized sugars. On the surface of the cheese, you can observe little white dots as the minerals begin to crystallise.
Fragrance: Sweetish wood notes and light hazelnut.
Taste: An extraordinarily intense taste with surprising mineral crystals and complex aromas – caramel, hints of chocolate & toffee followed by a gentle hazelnut taste with a smattering of wood. This is a cheese which melts deliciously on the tongue. The aftertaste combines lightly bitter chocolate, hazelnut and the slightly sweet taste of the caramelised sugars.
Reypenaer VSOP is ideal for the after dinner cheese board and a wonderful cheese to share with friends. To accompany Reypenaer VSOP, a Calvados VSOP, Oban Malt Whisky or a Corn Wine (Korenwijn) will always do it justice.  Try it with a simply Ruby Port to enjoy a delicious after taste of cherries & chocolate.  In combination with Oban 14 Year Old Malt Whisky (Oban is on the Scottish coast), you can taste the sea in the cheese. This cheese goes very well with Sake from Japan.

Our Reypenaer Cheeses are produced using traditional methods and naturally matured in the unique micro-climate of our 100 year old custom-built warehouse in Woerden, where the temperature control is entirely natural.

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