Sustainably Matured Reypenaer Cheeses

Reypenaer cheeses are matured or ripened in an old cheese warehouse that dates from 1906. This was a time when hardly any refrigeration or heating was used and technological progress was nowhere near as advanced as it is today.

Things are different today – but not at the Reypenaer Cheese warehouse, where the lingering aroma smells just as it would have in 1906 and where hardly any energy is used to ripen the cheeses.  Maturing takes place in a microclimate where we make use of natural elements and temperature change. This is sustainably matured cheese in its truest form.

Nowadays, many cheeses are matured in enormous cool houses at a constant temperature of approx. 4 degrees. These artificially ripened cheeses mature rapidly and are thus available for sale more quickly.  However, this rapid ripening process comes at a cost to taste and quality and moreover, significantly more energy is required to mature the cheeses.

Maturing cheeses in this sustainable manner such as Reypenaer has been doing for 75 years, using natural elements such as air humidity, temperature rotation and surroundings fragrances, gives more character and taste to the cheese. And in the process, hardly any energy is consumed.

This maturing process results in a weight loss of approximately 25% – but this is more than compensated for by the superior quality of the cheese.

Sustainable maturing of cheese is not a new concept! Around 1900, it was not yet technically possible to introduce refrigeration to cheese warehouses. Maturing cheeses and farmhouse cheeses did not necessarily need to be stored in a cool box or refrigerator; rather they could be stored at cellar temperature. This is also a good lesson in sustainability from the good old days.

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Sustainable Cheese

Sustainably Matured Reypenaer Cheeses

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